Angora sweater

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(1 mint colored, 1 soft brown, and 1 white colored available)

Our sweaters are crafted from the finest Angora wool blend.

  1. Material: It’s made from high-quality soft and fine angora wool that keeps you warm.
  2. Style: It’s a snug-fitting sweater that looks modern and stylish.
  3. Neckline: It has a wide neckline that adds a fashionable touch.
  4. Warmth: Keeps you warm all day long, like a cuddly hug.
  5. Usefulness: You can wear it for lots of different things, from casual to dressier occasions.
  6. Care: Needs gentle cleaning because the wool is delicate.
  7. Comfort: Feels so comfy and snug, you’ll love wearing it.
Weight 1 kg

Mint, Soft Brown, White


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